Gemstones & Diamonds!

D1G0131301 Tourmaline pink/purple 2.54ct 9.5mm x 5.5mm baguette, gemstone box included.
Regular price: $56.00
Sale price: $36.00
3DK03895 Garnet Rhodolite red/purple 1.94ct 9mm x 7mm oval checkerboard cut, gemstone box included.
Regular price: $37.38
Sale price: $18.50
D3E1323101 Ruby red 1.24ct 7mm x 4mm emerald cut, moderate clarity characteristics, gemstone box included.
Regular price: $56.78
Sale price: $33.50
DE11044 Diamond, White .98ct 5.9mm round H color SI2 clarity G.I.A. Certified Report #14435803
DE11045 Diamond, White .60ct 5.5mm round I color VS2 clarity
DNETTJ04184 Diamond, White .57ct 4.97mm round I-J color I1 clarity
090194 Peridot, yellow Green 1.18ct 8x6mm oval
09998 Emerald, Green synthetic 12x6mm marquise
10007 Ruby, Red synthetic 10x5mm marquise
10148 Garnet, orange Red synthetic 2mm round
10164 Tourmaline, Pink synthetic 2mm round
10166 Tourmaline, Pink synthetic 3mm round
10183 Amethyst, Purple synthetic 2mm round
10185 Amethyst, Purple synthetic 3mm round
10247 Alexandrite, violet Pink synthetic 2mm round
10264 Ruby, red synthetic 3mm round
12879 Lapis Lazuli, Blue 1.75ct 9x7mm oval cabochon
12905 Peridot, yellow Green 1.40ct 8x6mm oval
13157 Tiger's-eye Quartz brownish yellow genuine 14x12mm cushion bufftop cabochon
134210 Moonstone transparent chatoyant silver grey genuine 1.61ct 9x7mm oval cabochon
134228 Bloodstone opaque dark green blood red specks genuine 2.80ct 10x8mm oval cabochon
13569 Zircon blue synthetic 2mm round cut faceted
13571 Zircon blue synthetic 3mm round cut faceted
169904 Chrysoprase translucent green genuine 1.89ct 9x7mm oval cabochon
169905 Chrysoprase translucent green genuine 2.07ct 9x7mm oval cabochon
193580 Tiger's Eye golden honey quartz chatoyant brownish yellow 1.29ct 8x6mm oval cabochon
19419 Opal white genuine 2mm round cabochon
1DG00009 Topaz swiss blue genuine 1.10 8x5mm pear cut faceted Africa
1DI00530 Sapphire yellow lab created .84ct 6x4mm emerald cut faceted
1DK00053 CZ cubic zirconia pink 4.94ct 8mm round cut faceted
1DK03420 Sapphire blue genuine 6x4mm emerald cut faceted .50ct Thailand
1DL01635 CZ cubic zirconia pink 3.20ct 10x7mm pear cut faceted
1DL01655 CZ cubic zirconia white 2.11ct 9x6mm pear cut faceted
226367 Topaz swiss blue genuine 1.29ct 6.5mm round cut faceted
260841 Pearl cultured white genuine 3mm half pearl
2B0625701 Kyanite, Certified 5.01ct 11.8 x 8mm emerald cut faceted certificate #220625701
2D0020503 Fluorite chrome green genuine 5.02ct 11x9mm emerald cut faceted Bihar, India
2DA00503 Alexandrite lab created color change purple red to violet blue 4.47ct 10x8mm emerald cut faceted
2DA01821 Sapphire padparadscha orange red lab created 1.84ct 8x6mm emerald cut faceted
2DB00864 Opal yellow genuine .61ct 6mm round cut faceted Peru
2DB01310 Opal Fire, Orange Yellow 4mm Round Faceted .70cttw Parcel of 4, Mexico.
2DC00130 Topaz Imperial, Golden .32ct 4mm Round Brilliant Cut.
2DC00626 Sapphire, White Lab Created Colorless Corundum 9x7mm Oval Brilliant Cut 23.22cttw Parcel of 10.
2DC00905 Sapphire, Orange Lab Created Corundum 6x4mm Pear Brilliant Cut 7.30cttw Parcel of 15.
2DC00941 Sapphire, Orange Red Lab Created Corundum 9x7mm Emerald Cut 5.76cttw Parcel of 2.
2DC02404 Topaz, Certified White 5x3 to 8x10mm Oval Faceted 1.10cttw Parcel. Thaigem Certificate #42E02404
2DC04027 Sapphire, Royal Blue Lab Created 6x4mm Emerald Cut 7.70cttw Parcel of 10.
2DC04388 Amethyst, Purple Fine Crystal 7x5mm Oval Cabochon 7.78cttw Parcel of 10 Africa.
2DC04769 Emerald Certified, Green 4mm Round Faceted 1.03cttw Parcel of 4. Thaigem Certificate #42C04769
2DD00536 Apatite, Blue Neon Lab Created 8x6mm Emerald Cut 26.25cttw Parcel of 10.
2DD00537 Apatite, Blue Neon Lab Created 2.35ct 8x6mm Emerald Cut.
2DD04346 CZ, White Cubic Zirconia 8x6mm Oval Brilliant Cut 14.23cttw Parcel of 7.
2DE01932 Spinel, Pink Violet Blue Burmese 7.17cttw 6x4mm pear parcel of 15 Thaigem Certificate #42E01932
2DE03173 Sapphire Certified, Cornflower Blue Diffusion Treated 5.5mm-6mm Round Faceted 4.58cttw Parcel of 4. Thaigem Certificate # 42E03173
2DF00444 Ruby, Pigeon Blood Red Burmese .50ct 6x4mm emerald
2DF00505 Quartz Praseolite, Greenish Yellow 13x8.5mm Baguette Cut 11.07cttw Parcel of 2, Brazil.
2DF02015 Sapphire, Blue 3mm round
2DF02592 Ruby, Red lab created 8mm round parcel of 5
2DF03243 Cubic Zirconia, Pink 8x5mm pear 5.43cttw parcel of 4
33928 Lapis Lazuli blue genuine 3.41ct 11x9mm oval cabochon
60297 Topaz rainbow genuine 1.52ct 8x6mm oval cut faceted
DNETTJ02439 Tanzanite, violet Blue 1.57ct 8x6mm radiant
DNETTJ04287 Topaz, Glacier Blue 6.54ct cushion